Why Top Restaurant Sites?

Easy to use - All of our restaurant websites are built on the same easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System) platform. We spend our time improving the system to implement new features when possible. You can login from any computer, any time and make changes to your website. You can change your menu, modify prices, build photo galleries, add and remove pages, and much more. And if you aren't sure how to do something, we offer free support by email for all of our customers.

Customer Service - Our commitment is to our customers. We are always striving to make things more efficiant and economical for all of our website customers. The bigger companies will rarely accomodate your custom needs, but at Top Restaurant Sites, we are always looking to build in new features and to have the best system possible. So if you need a feature that isn't available, let us know and we will consider adding it.

Restaurant Specific - Our website solutions is built specifically for restaurants! With our years of research and feedback from our restaurant clients, we feel we have a solid handle and understanding of what makes a restaurant website successful. We feel our website solution is the most complete and affordable solution available for restaurants.

We're not your friend's nephew - We've heard it a million times...I'm not going to pay for a website because I know someone that went to school for computers and they will do my website for free. We do understand that every small business wants to save money. But remember - this is your business and you should have a professional looking and functioning website. Ask your potential web designer what they do for SEO to help people find your website. Ask if they will be around night and day making sure that your website is available. Ask them if you will be able to log in and make changes whenever you want to. And in a year when they have a new job, will they still be willing to help out for free? We will take your business seriously and we don't charge a lot to do it.

We don't charge $5 a month - You may have seen some of the bigger website companies offering websites for just a few dollars a month with no setup fee. That does sound great, but you should be aware of what you get for that price. First, you get a pre-made template that looks like many other websites, not a custom look to match the look and feel of your business. Second, you need to do the work yourself. They aren't going to add your menu content, specials or coupons for you, they aren't going to custom design your website to your liking. They let you choose a pre-built template, add a logo, maybe swap out a few colors...and then you can spend hours building your website with little or no guidance... If you want to add any special options, there are available an additional charge, so you're no longer spending just $5/mo. If you really want a functional website, that is customized to your restaurant, the large hosting companies $5/mo option is often not likely your best choice.

We don't sell websites - There are two main ways to get a website.

  1. You can pay a large up front fee and own the website. The biggest disadvantage is the high cost, often over $1000. Sure, you can modify it, move it between hosting companies...but if it breaks due to browser upgrades, no one is going to fix it without charging you. You are the owner and no one else is responsible for keeping it working.
  2. You can lease a website for a low monthly cost. This is much cheaper to get started, because you are also paying an affordable monthly fee. While no one likes ongoing monthly expenses, this is one that is well worth it when you consider the alternative. If you lease a website through Top Restaurant Sites, we make sure it keeps working. If there are any functionality issues caused by changes in technology, getting it fixed is our top priority. You have more important things to do than trying to fine a website person to fix your broken website.